How to Create a Website for Business

How to Build Websites for Free

In order to determine whether or not your website is a good website, you must first determine what constitutes a good website.

A good website is one that is functional; for example, if you developed your website in order to sell some things, you may claim that your website is a good website if it is successful in selling those products.

  • However, are you selling as many things as a successful website sells, or are you only selling a few products every now and then? *
  • Do your sales pages perform well enough for you to consider your website to be a good one?
  • Do you have a sufficient number of visits to your website to deem it a successful one?
  • Do you have a sufficient amount of return traffic, or are all of your visitors first-time visitors?
  • Do your visitors spend enough time on your website to consider it to be an excellent website?
  • How can you tell for certain whether or not your website is an excellent website?
  • What kinds of questions should you be asking yourself in order to determine whether or not your website is a good website?


  • Who gives a damn?
  • Can you tell me what you’re looking for?
  • Do you have a variety of different visitors?
  • Which of the following is your top priority?
  • What criteria should you use to determine your level of success?

Who gives a damn?

If the website is owned by a firm, the web pages do not belong to a single individual, and there is no single person who can determine whether or not you have a decent website, so you will need to gather a group of individuals who are extremely interested in your website.

Every type of person can be found on the internet: technologists, salespeople, public relations professionals, and so on. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good website.

Nonetheless, given that the website belongs to the entire organization, the individuals within your organization who are concerned enough to judge the website should be invited to join the team and bear some of the responsibility for the design of the website.


Every one of the persons that are concerned about the website will have their own ideas about what they want from an excellent website. A large number of them will be speaking solely on behalf of their own departments, but you must force them to think on behalf of the entire firm.

Although each department may have its own set of objectives, goals, and aspirations, and each individual may have his or her own idea of what constitutes a good website, they must think as a group, and the conclusion must satisfy the majority of them, and if at all possible, you must create a good website for all of them.

I’m curious about the types of people who come to your establishment.

Every website has first-time visitors, returning visitors, interested visitors, buyers, individuals who arrive by accident, people who spend a short amount of time on the website, people who spend a significant amount of time on the website, and so on.

What kind of visitors do you want: those who come more regularly, those who read the most pages, those who buy more items, those who buy more frequently, or those who spend the most money?

Which visitors are the most significant for your organization, in order for them to believe that you have a good website?

Once you have them, you will be able to be assured that your website is an excellent website.


Once you’ve figured out what everyone wants, you’ll have to decide how to prioritize everyone’s objectives.

Will you strive for increased visits, increased sales per visit, more knowledge about the company and its products, and improved customer satisfaction?

After a conversation in which the outcome will be determined by the number of people who voice their own opinions about what matters the most, you will arrive at your own list of priorities, and those who are not satisfied with their request will at the very least understand why.


How can you be certain that the statistics that you are receiving indicate that your website is a good website?

It all depends on what you are looking for…

  • If attracting visitors is your primary goal, Google and its ratings can assist you in this endeavour, but you can also employ javascript and/or cookies.
  • If your primary objective is to generate income, the sales team will be the most influential.
  • If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you must first come to an agreement with the other members of your firm on how you will collect and weigh customer satisfaction data in the future.

All of the information you receive must be used to assist you in making business decisions. It is not a question of gathering as much knowledge as possible, because having too much information might be just as detrimental as having little information.

Due to the fact that the web evolves month after month, it is critical that you continue to measure your progress and incorporate it into an ongoing improvement process.

Then you’ll be able to tell for certain whether or not your website is an excellent website.

How to Build Websites For Free

There are some simple strategies on how to build websites for free. One of the easiest ways is to use free blogging programs such as blogger or WordPress. The next option is to use free hosting from a web host.

The final option would be to use an affordable or shareware website builder. It can be fun and challenging building your own website but the best way to learn how to build websites for free is to find resources online and read books.

Some of these resources are available for free.

Hosting can be as easy as going to one of the major domain registrars. There you can buy a domain name that already has a website on it. These are called TLDs or top-level domain names.

You can buy a TLD if it fits your business needs, or you can register a new name and create a website around it. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the free method is the best choice but it does have its drawbacks.

A domain name must be renewed periodically at no cost to you. In some registrars, there is also an annual fee. This is because it helps maintain the websites in the database. If you have registered a domain and haven’t bought a renewal package, you might want to consider purchasing one instead. These annual fees usually include unlimited domains.

Many people are intimidated by the thought of building websites for free but it’s really not that difficult. Even someone with limited computer skills can build a basic site. As long as you are able to post images, some HTML is all that is needed.

If you can upload pictures, video, and audio you can host it on a free web hosting site.

One thing you should always look for when searching for a free host is a free account setup.

The reason for this is that many hosts do not offer a good support system. They may not respond to your emails or help you find something if you have a problem. If they are going to give you any support at all it will be at very high costs.

As mentioned before, there are many things that you can do on a free hosting site. One of the most popular activities for many people is building a shopping cart. If you have a lot of products to sell on e-commerce sites you can use free hosting to allow your customer’s cart to appear on your website.

This will make life easier for your customers.

Another common use for free hosting is to provide media sharing capabilities. You can upload videos, music, or pictures and share them with your visitors. This makes using the site more social and more likely to lead to sales. To get media files you can upload them to your web host and they will either live stream or be emailed to your subscribers.

Building websites is easy once you know the right set of instructions. However, you should take the time to find a good free web host. Find one that offers you great tools without too much cost.

Check reviews to find out what other people think of their service. Once you know how to build websites for free, you can start setting up websites quickly and easily.

There are many types of hosts available. Some hosts offer limited services. They might only offer you one color theme or they might not allow you to include text on the site. When looking for a host always look for an affordable plan. Never pay for a year’s worth of hosting when just getting started. You can always upgrade later if you find that your site is growing in popularity.

Some hosts have different options when it comes to hosting. You might be able to choose between database space, bandwidth, and software packages. If you have a small website, you might want to look into a shared host that offers free setup and maintenance.

Remember how building websites for free can save you money if you decide to set up a business website. You can offer products and services for online auction sites like eBay.

By offering products you will be able to increase your income. It will also open up more opportunities to make money online.

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