The Best Way to Advertise Your Business

The Best Way to Advertise Your Business

If you are looking for The Best Way to Advertise Your Business and If you are serious about building that side income or side hustle, then you need to let people know what you are doing.

These people will become your customers and it’s vital that you don’t try to go off and build something in secret as the whole essence of what we are learning here is to be able to get that second income, that side hustle, that home-based business off the ground.

There are literally thousands of ways to promote and advertise what you are doing and it is essential you try to find the ways that suit your business model.

There are several ways to advertise and get the word out about your business online and the best of them include free search engines, pay per click search engines, writing articles, utilizing press releases, doing joint ventures/ad co-ops, and posting to message boards and forums related to your target market.

But one advertising method that’s neglected by most online marketers is off-line advertising.

There are several low/no-cost ways to advertise off-line and I want to share 3 of them with you.

1) Business Cards

If you are serious about your business you must have business cards. They are cheap and are a great way to attract potential prospects or customers.

Simply hand them out to people who you feel may be interested in your business.
Also, whenever I visit a restaurant, bar, or club, I’ll leave my business cards in all of the bathroom stalls. (Just make sure nobody is in there of course… lol!)

And don’t laugh at this! It really works. When I visit the bathroom an hour or two later, I’ll find that all of my business cards are gone and I’ll have a fresh new set of sales the very next day.

You can give your cards to pretty much anyone you meet as depending on what line of business you are going to be in you simply do not know when they may get in contact with you.

I would say a simple card with easy to read writing including your name, what you do, your contact details and one of the most important details these days, your website and email.

People simply love to check you out online and even if you don’t get any initial business from them, it’s still a visit to your website and Google likes that!

A great place to buy your business cards is at Vistaprint and you can get some really great prices and ideas to promote your business and services.

The Best Way to Advertise Your Business

2) Flyers & Posters

With today’s technology, flyers are very easy to make. You can simply design a flyer online and just print it out and make copies. Then you can post them in area businesses where you feel your potential customers may hang out. (Just make sure you ask permission from the business owner.)

Or simply hand out your flyers to people you meet on the street. Many bars and clubs don’t have a problem with posting flyers in their establishments either, especially if you are a patron.

And don’t forget about supermarkets! Many have bulletin boards, at least here in Cornwall where I live, and you can post your flyer there. There are hundreds of people walking into supermarkets every day and they are in a buying mentality. Take advantage of it and post your flyers often.

3) Automobile Advertising

What…? Yes, you read that right! Your car is not only a driving vehicle but a great advertising vehicle as well. You can stick magnetic signs or plates on your car with your company name and/or domain name for all to see.

Your business can be exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of people every day whether your car is parked, you are driving, or even when you are stuck in traffic.

It’s fairly inexpensive and a great way to “drive” home your message.

For those of you that want to spend a little bit on online advertising or advertising your services in papers or magazines then this is for you too.

10 Classicly Simple Advertising Tips

The Best Way to Advertise Your Business

1. Target your advertising.

The more targeted the e-zine is for your offer, the greater your response will be for your proven ad.
Simply put, if you wanted to advertise a service or product that was aimed at people who play golf, it would be much better to advertise in magazines that specialize in that particular niche.

2. Track your ads.

Don’t leave your ad campaigns to guesswork. Use ad tracking to show you exactly which e-zines and ads are most profitable.
Always keep an eye on the costs and the returns and if something isn’t working then you kill that ad quickly and try something else. Don’t just leave it running and hope for the best as it won’t happen and you will lose money.

3. Run your ad for multiple issues.

You’ll get a better response, and possibly save money as many publishers offer special deals on bulk advertising.
Be careful with this as you want to be sure that the ad is working first before committing to a long run (see tip 2)

4. Spend lots of time writing your headline.

An effective headline will successfully grab your reader’s attention and target your audience.
Your winning headline will also get people to read the rest of your ad, leading to more traffic and sales.
Try different headlines and again, track the results and then go with the best one if you commit to a longer run on the ad.

5. Don’t try to sell your product from your ad.

Write your ads to create interest and get people to visit your site.
From here, your powerful sales page will do the selling for you, and you’ll be able to get people to join your e-zine or mailing list for successful follow up.
Trying to sell on the first ad is extremely hard and kind of pointless in a way.

You want to make as much revenue from a customer.
For example:

“Lawns Mowed For $25” is nowhere near as good as “Lawns & Garden Maintenance Services”.
What you need to be doing is building that relationship with a long term repeat business view, in some cases.

Or maybe you are thinking of starting your own DIY woodworking business and this kind of advertising can really work for offering projects to prospective customers.

The Best Way to Advertise Your Business

6. Don’t use all caps in your headline.

You’ll appear like your yelling at your reader, and your ad will come off as amateurish. Use a friendly font and keep it clear and simple. Don’t confuse your reader with difficult words and leave any form of pricing out.

You want them to contact you and then you can sell your services to them in person.

7. Include a “call to action.”

At the end of your e-zine ads, include a call to action that tells your reader what you want them to do next (i.e., visit your site or subscribe to your e-zine).

8. Don’t be cute or funny with your ad.

You might put your reader in a good mood, but don’t count on that translating into more visits to your site or more sales. Be professional and remember that not everyone has your sense of humor and that is key here.

9. Offer something for free.

Provide an incentive for visiting your website such as a free eBook, sample chapter, or trial. If you offer free quotes then make sure that is instantly viewable on your site. You are trying to get them to use your service, so really go for it.

10. Subscribe to or view the archives of the e-zines you would like to advertise in.

You’ll be able to see the quality of the content provided, how many ads are published in each issue, and you’ll get a good idea of the products those readers are interested in by the ads being run.

The important thing to remember is that you MUST spread the word about what you are doing. Don’t be a shrinking violet and make sure you let everyone know what you are doing and ask your friends and family to spread the word too.

It really helps and also, it’s like a snowball effect. More and more people will get to know your business and in time your business will grow organically too.

You can get t-shirts printed really cheaply to advertise your service and business also and this adds to credibility and profile and if you are serious about building that living from home, then the sky is the limit!

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