Working At Home With A Schedule

One of the attractions of working at home is the vision of freedom it invokes — no time clock, no timesheets, and no one to account for how you spend your time.

Yes, it is an attractive proposition, but like so many attractive propositions there is a heavy downside — you are likely wasting a lot of time.

My wife spends time every day filling out these large spreadsheets to account for her day. She works for a large engineering company and his day often encompasses work on a variety of projects for different clients.

She loathes the activity and I have always dismissed it as a waste of time — that is until my home business recently took off and I realized there simply wasn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all my goals.

I now have my own spreadsheet and agenda for the day and I have improved my productivity and reduced my stress immeasurably.

If you don’t think you need a schedule for your home business then think again — and read on.

After a spate of relatively unproductive days when my “To Do” list seemed to grow exponentially every time I looked at it, I knew something had to change.

Granted I was going through a rough patch. My home business was experiencing growing pains and taking up more than the usual time, my four-year-old was only in preschool part-time, my wife wasn’t pulling her weight on the home front, and my extended family was experiencing a number of crises.

But I’m also old enough to know there is never a perfect time in life — you just live the one you’ve got. These are simply the problems I’m dealing with this year.

Next year these problems will be traded in for new fresh ones.

After studying my time and chatting with some other work-at-home folks, I discovered five reasons to embrace the schedule:

  • 1. It’s too easy to waste time doing nonpriority tasks
  • 2. It’s too easy to get sidetracked or distracted from your current task
  • 3. Unscheduled work time can often overlap into your free time until you don’t have any free time at all
  • 4. Your free time can overlap into your work time until you fall behind with important projects
  • 5. Concentrating your time and effort on highest priority projects means more gets done

I’m not the only work at home business person encompassing the schedule. I recently took part in an online forum where men and women had moved to embrace it — and found it more freeing than restrictive.

After all, you are still the one setting the schedule so you are free to schedule yourself off for a 3-hour lunch, an afternoon, or a whole day whenever you choose.

Some further help and advice for those of you that are struggling to get to grips with a new way of working, these handy tips will help and reinforce what we have been talking about here.

If you find it difficult to set up your schedule and priorities for the day and week then perhaps your significant other or a friend can help you set your schedule.

Having a work-at-home business has increasingly become popular.

Why? People are seeking ways to supplement their income and get a better work-life balance.

People today prefer to be their own ‘boss’, and set their own work hours.

If you decide to work home, you will also need to be organized and disciplined so that you get a lot of work done. It is your sole responsibility to keep yourself motivated.

It is very easy to be distracted while working at home, therefore it is important for you to have some guidelines to follow while you work at home.

1. Have clearly outlined goals to achieve.

If you have decided to work at home, you have made a very important decision which has will impact your future financial prospects. You will need to have targets that you will work towards achieving, and this will keep you motivated and focused on your work at home business.

2. Do not treat your home business as your hobby.

If you really want to earn money while working at home, then you will need to treat your business like one, and be committed to making it successful.

3. Set out your business’ budget and requirements.

A work at home project requires an investment of money, time, and effort. It is important that before you start your work at home project, you know what your business will require for it to succeed.

4. In order for you to work properly in your home, be sure that you have the appropriate resources and tools you need to be able to work peacefully.

Make sure that your office is fully set up, as this will help you be more productive while you work at home.

5. Have an established daily routine.

Set your daily ‘to do list’ and follow it diligently in order for you to achieve your goals. Your daily routine should include all the actions you need to take in order to succeed in your home business.

Prioritize your activities and also include some break time to relax or spend some with your family.

Taking breaks is very important because when you come back to your work after a break you would be refreshed. The benefits of having a working at home business are that you can set your own hours of working, and you can take time to relax when you need it.

6. Be focused and consistent.

A work at home business requires dedicated commitment. Because you are working from home, there will be days where may not be able to achieve your daily goals for one reason or another. It is also possible that you may feel discouraged if your work at home business is taking long to become profitable.

You will need to keep being focused and work on your business consistently until you start earning the money you desire.

7. Interact and seek ideas from others.

While you work at home, it is very easy to be secluded and has limited opportunities for sharing ideas with other people working at home. It is very important you make an effort to join any relevant forums where you can learn from others who have similar work at home businesses.

It is also important to learn from others who have been successful with similar businesses to yours so that you can shorten your learning curve.

Following these tips will help you to have a successful home-based business. Working at home is very appealing, and if you take the necessary measures to make your business succeed, then you can make a lot of profits from it, while having a great lifestyle.

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